A Little About Me

Galway, coaching, wellbeing, selfcare, burnout, work/life balance, Ireland coach
My name is Treasa (Trasa) and I am originally from Galway in Ireland. Throughout my life due to anxiety and perfectionism I was always feeling like I was never good enough and should always be striving for more in my life.
Thankfully through my journey my life brought me I figured out the Key to me and my life and realising I am good enough just as I am. I also learned how to prioritise myself and my own well-being while still working towards my goals in life & business.
Through this journey I was empowered to live life now and enjoy the peace and harmony of it rather than being burnt out, always beating myself up as I perceived I should be further ahead in life right now.
My background is in health promotion, coaching, personal development and mental well-being which allows me to incorporate a holistic perspective. I help my clients enhance their well-being while reaching their goal  in life & business and having happiness in every day, rather than when they reach a certain milestone or they prove to someone else they are good enough or pleasing everyone else and forgetting about themselves.
I love seeing my client’s transformation when they find the key to themselves and when they unlock their potential.  Life flows much more easily just the way it is meant to.
 I look forward to hearing from you,

As a coach, the values I operate from are Trust, Respect, Integrity, Honesty, Confidentiality, Open–Mindedness and a Non-Judgemental approach.


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