Jennifer, Galway

‘Treasa helped me realise that the bridge to where I wanted to be in life was a lot shorter than expected!  Instead of wishing my life away, I was able to embrace it and make it a reality both personally and professionally. I was able to embrace the perfectionist and tackle the imposter syndrome once and for all. I would highly recommend Treasa. She is kind hearted, non-judgmental and very patient throughout the whole process yet she knows how to unlock your potential and resolve whatever is holding you back. You won’t regret choosing Treasa as your coach!’text]


Rita, Galway

‘I would like to recommend ‘The Key to You’ to anyone who has hit a roadblock in life and needs help finding out where to go next.  Treasa is so professional, yet personable at the same time. She creates a working relationship with her clients based on trust and understanding.  Instead of using a prescribed formula to help work through challenges, Treasa allows the clients unique experiences to guide the sessions. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Treasa and couldn’t recommend her highly enough.’


Claire, Dublin

‘I would recommend working with Treasa to a friend no matter what chapter of life you’re in but most certainly if you’re feeling a bit stuck or looking support on how to achieve the life you have dreamed of.  Coaching really helps you look and focus on what you want life to look like and establish what small steps you can take right now to achieve it. Doing these sessions reminded me that our life is a journey and it’s ok if our goals may change along the way, as long we are happy.’.


Michael, Limerick

‘As a result of working with Treasa, I have become more confident in myself and my decision making ability. I am less afraid to put myself out there. Thanks to all the knowledge and tools I gained from these sessions I know I have the key to achieve it. Treasa’s only downfall is that she is guilty of over delivering. I highly recommend you take the jump and invest in yourself as you certainly will get your value for money in Treasa’s programme.’