About Treasa

With a wealth of experience in health promotion, training,
and development, and a genuine passion for health and well-being,
Treasa is the driving force behind The Key to You based in Galway, Ireland.



Utilising her expertise in health promotion, wellness, facilitation,
and coaching, she collaborates with clients to deliver compelling and impactful services. Through compelling talks, live workshops, and coaching programs, she empowers employers and employees with crucial tools and insights to enhance their health and well-being, thereby benefiting their companies across various industries. 



At the heart of our mission lies Treasa’s dedication to helping individuals
conquer self-limiting beliefs and nurturing their well-being. By equipping
individuals with effective tools and strategies, she empowers them to
thrive personally and professionally. 



Treasa specializes in personalized one-on-one coaching, guiding individuals who are prepared to take the next step in their lives. She firmly believes that everyone possesses the answers within themselves; her role is to assist them in unlocking the negative thoughts that impede their progress to thrive, be it in their careers, relationships, or health and well-being, and empower them to discover the Key to You!


Let’s Talk About Your Well-being Needs!