Coping During Lockdown in a Pandemic

Coping with lockdown during a pandemic

Hard to believe we are already into May in 2020. Life right now is certainly looking a hell of a lot different than many of us envisaged that’s for sure. So how are you really doing as we now settle into 8 weeks of lockdown in a pandemic and the restrictions being slowly lifted?

I can see a lot of clients and people are on emotional rollercoasters where majority of time they are ok, coping as best as possible and then wham out of no where they are getting stressed, anxious and over whelmed.

Even myself, I found some of my perfectionist tendencies creeping back in. To utilise my time and adapt the fact that all training I had scheduled for March that was pulled in a click of the fingers I decided to throw myself into painting the house and see how the pandemic progressed.

But as lockdown continued and the list for painting was growing each day, I was getting frustrated as all I started focusing on what had to be done versus what I was getting done and rewarding myself for good enough days. Pre-Corona Virus this was one of my coping tools that I had used so well when I was out and about training and coaching face to face. But as routine went out the window in lockdown, so did some of my coping tools and it had an impact on how I was managing the emotional rollercoaster of living through a pandemic.

At one stage I looked around for the adult who was responsible to help me get through ….. then I realised that was me (ha ha ha) and I had to step up and press the reset button and reassure myself I am resilient and can overcome any challenge that comes my way. As I have being doing it right along in my journey of life so far.

Taking time out to reflect and acknowledging what was going on for me right now, addressing my fears and learning to implement new boundaries to help me prevent burnout and overwhelm was crucial. Getting it on paper is really therapeutic and allows you to think more logically and more importantly it allowed me to add more compassion to my new routine while in lockdown.

My clients have been asking me too to help them hit reset and evaluate how to manage work/life balance now more than ever as there are less opportunities for breaks and rituals like the commute which some people now realised were crucial to them decompressing before coming home.

No one is immune to the impact of a pandemic; we all will be affected in some way. The only difference will be how we manage the challenges we face.  We can play the victim role and think life is out to get us and nothing will go right or no point trying something new as we are in a pandemic and our future is doomed.

Or we can be the victor or warrior mindset where we think life is happening for us and we can see this time as a gift to re-evaluate what is truly important and look for the opportunities for growth. Then create a plan of action in how to align that in our lives going forward pandemic or no pandemic.  

If this is you, you are my kind of people. I love helping my clients do this exactly. Instead of the perfectionist holding them back they are willing to take action and keep progressing no matter how small each day. If you wish to start working with me now click here to see what packages are on offer and how easy it is to start working with me and stop holding yourself back today.

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