Is it Time You Hit the Reset Button?

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The end of this week marks a year of lockdowns in Ireland. For many of us we did not believe we still would be in this position a year later.

Is it time we hit the reset button, as the old way of life that was pre-covid is not returning in the near future, so we have to adapt to the new ways and check in with ourselves as to what is working for us and what isn’t working right now?

After a year of surviving a pandemic are you feeling calm and taking it day by day or are you over whelmed, burnt out and craving for life pre-covid to resume so you can feel “normal “again? 

One positive thing that has emerged from lockdowns, is it has given us time to slow down and realise if we kept going at the same rate pre-covid rat race was just leading to burnout and unhappiness..

A lot of people have said they were chasing things that society’s narrative that in order to be successful you need X, Y, Z.  But as people have discovered with restrictions, that there is a lot to be said for the simple pleasures and authentic connections in our lives.

While working 1 to 1 with people throughout the year, here are some of the ways they have pressed reset and are happy and content even though the pandemic continues;

                                 Old  Ways  


·        Commuting for 2+ hrs a day.   


·         Prioritising materialistic things.


·         Eating lunch at my desk and kept working. 


·       Work out in the gym only.                                                                                    

·         Constantly thinking I wasn’t good enough.             

·         Being surrounded by toxic people. 


·         No time to relax as always on the go.  


·         Too busy to catch up, we will do it soon.  


                                         New Ways


·         Enjoying quality time with children, especially meal times.

·         Now I’m investing in quality friendships & building true connection.

·         Taking breaks re-energises me to have energy to do things outside work.

·         I really enjoy being in nature and outdoors and haven’t done in years

·         Having time to invest in my leadership and personal growth. 

·         Choosing to nurture genuine relationships vs fake people.

·         Time to actually read & relax, cut back on drinking & loving the benefits.

·         Finally got to have proper catch ups and good conversations even virtually.                                                                     

Do any of these resonate with you? What ones would you add for yourself?


By doing this reflection exercise, it frees you from living in the past and allows you to live in the present and live abundantly and have gratitude for the current life stage you are in rather than where we were or where we want to be. 

Also give yourself some extra compassion, you just survived a year of a pandemic and all the curve balls it brought. You are strong, resilient and courageous so well done from me to you. Virtual hugs for now.


Let me know your thoughts on this,




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