What Does Your Current Path Look Like?

Rock of Dunmase

In our lives we all have our own path. Each of our paths are different and depending on our current circumstances will impact how we would describe the weather and scenery on our current path.

We all can relate to this, where things are going grand on our path and then out of nowhere trouble is brewing and we find ourselves caught up in a storm yet we have to keep walking the path. Or the opposite where we are coming out through the storm and we can see the sun shining and the path now looks easier to face.

Sometimes our own path;

  • Can be paved and there is a clear outline as to what direction it is going and the views can be amazing.
  • Other times we can continue on the same path we have been on but now as we go through the trees it looks darker and the light is far away.
  • Another time, it can be all grass or stones with no clear pathway and you just have to create your own path to get you where you want to go.

Each path has its challenges, unfortunately none of them are magical with smooth sailing and a fairy tale story line. Therefore, this can be sometimes scary, especially when our path is unclear and fear wants to hold us back and keep us in our comfort zone rather than embracing the challenge and taking one step forward to explore what is ahead of us and we become stuck.

We want to move ahead but are looking for certainties before taking the next step so instead we look around at others in our lives. They seem to be racing ahead and look happy on the path, where as you are currently struggling to put one foot in front of the other and we start comparing ourselves to them. We feel like a failure and miserable as we aren’t where we want to be in our lives and they are, they already have it solved and are now living happily ever after.

But that is not the true reality, what you don’t see was there journey to get there. There was hard grit, determination and most of all is preservation by those people you are currently comparing your life to and thinking they are successful and you are a failure. They already went through the storms and have come out the other side, we conveniently forget that as our minds wants to get to our destination as fast as possible and forgets all about actually enjoying the journey along the way.

How many times in our lives have you been told not to look back, just keep focused on the future, keep going for the goals and focus on your destination.

However, having this focus is not always good because you are just focused on scoring the goals.  This often means that as soon as you score, you move onto the next goal and the goal post keeps moving meaning you will never be content. You never learn to really enjoy the journey to your destination, embracing all the things that happen along the way whether they are positive or negative experiences.

By actually stopping and looking back you reflect on how far you have come in your journey. You also get a chance to take in so many breath-taking views that you would miss if you just focused on climbing the mountain top. This reflection on your journey actually allows you to check in with yourself and assess how things really are, learning what is working for you and what isn’t and recharging before starting off again in your journey.


If you are currently struggling with your current path and feeling stuck and not sure how to take the next step get in touch and I can help you get clarity as to where you want to go and what is truly important to you and the life you wish to be living.

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