Where Are Your Values In Your Life?

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We are all born with our own unique blueprint and journey of life, It is our values that help guide us and align us with who we are destined to be. Our values are our inner GPS, helping us discover our passions and purpose but never losing who we truly are.


They are crucial in empowering you to discover the Key to You and unlocking your potential to thrive. Yet most people don’t know their values and just conform to what society tells them they should.


2020 has shaken us up from inside out and turned us on our heads, for some it is like a never ending roller coaster ride. But it also has given us the opportunity to ask questions about what truly matters to us in our lives. This is why our values are so important as they help us navigate the journey of life. The world needs us to stand out versus conform in order to achieve a life that fulfills us.


With lockdowns and restrictions imposed on us, life was forced to slow down and we had a chance to reflect on what truly matters – what were we so busy chasing? Was it something we truly wanted or chasing it because others told us we should? Or trying to achieve society’s definition of success?


When working with clients and doing workshops we always do a session to discover their core values and how they are currently showing up in their lives or in some cases where there is no evidence of them at all.


How happy were you in that mode of constantly chasing the next item and trying to get to the destination as quick as possible? Take Hollywood for example, all the “celebrities” who had money and fame yet they were not living fulfilled lives, instead to distract themselves from the void inside them as they should be happy with their bank accounts and fame, they numb themselves with, food, alcohol, drugs, sex, travel etc.


Now that we have been forced to stop and stay home for the most part, it has given us a chance to notice what truly is important and make us feel fulfilled and thriving in life. Chasing materialistic things never brings true happiness due to the hedonic adaptation, the feeling will always wear off. But as we are being so overwhelmed with noise and marketing from all our gadgets. It is hard not to get caught up in the noise and start thinking that we want what they are selling and that will bring us happiness. Have you heard yourself say “I’ll be happy when I get the job/ promotion”. “I’ll be happy when married”, “I’ll be happy when I own my own house”, “I’ll be happy when I retire”etc.


Yet when we reach the destination that we expected to make us feel complete and that we are enough, never lasts so we keep chasing the next goal to tick off the list thinking that will be the solution. The downfall of that narrative  means we are deferring our happiness and contentment from the present moment and the journey to the destination.


As long as we look for external things to fill the “void”. We will always fall short as the answers are not on the outside.

They are on the inside and are connected to your core.


That is why your values are so crucial and having the clarity around them and ensuring your  lifestyle is aligned correctly, otherwise you too will be unsatisfied with life like the celebrities.


Our Values are unique to us, no two people will have the same hierarchy of values. When we are aligned with our values, our life is full of life and joy versus overwhelm and anxiety.


When we are chasing someone else’s dream which brings us off our true path of what really matters to us, we are tired and frustrated with life and those around us, we dread Monday mornings, we are constantly trying to distract ourselves with TV, Netflix, alcohol, food etc. All because our soul at its core feels trapped and wants to escape so badly.


When we evaluate and align our values accordingly and get things in order. Life flows with less resistance, we are experiencing peace, joy and gratitude in the simplicity of life. Yet when the curve balls come like 2020 we still can adapt our course and be resilient as we are on the right course. When we know our values and what is most important to us, it helps to make better decisions, build healthier habits and find the peace and contentment in life right now.


If you would like to find more about your values and how it can help you find the Key to You and unlock your potential to thrive in life or your business. If you are ready to invest in yourself and your life.

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