Are the Roles you Playing Overwhelming you Right Now?

Stressed business woman

Recently when working with a client and empowering them to ditch the overwhelm. We got talking about overwhelm and what can sometimes to cause us feel so exhausted. This led to a conversation around the roles we play in our lives especially the unwritten expectations attached/ perception around these roles.


I counted recently how many roles I had myself in one day, I had at least 10!!


Ten different roles to play throughout one day. So, I done one of the exercises I do with my clients and reflected on the roles and the unwritten expectations that I carry myself about each role. It was great to check in and see how these beliefs and expectations impacts our mood, productivity, motivation, wellbeing and relationships.

Each role can play an important part of who we are and the life we chose for ourselves. When we are nurturing the most important roles for ourselves on a daily basis and keeping our bucket of self-compassion topped up it helps us build our resilience and having fulfilling lives. These roles can be important foundations for our relationships and health and well-being.


Sometimes when we are overwhelmed these roles can exhaust us, we can become resentful or if our tolerations are low, we can react in an unhealthy way compared to if we are having a good day. Then it can become a vicious cycle and can lead to exhaustion and burnout. Especially if we are so busy doing, people pleasing or just numbing ourselves to survive and try get out the other side alive.


As the pandemic has forced us to slow down, we finally can catch our breath and reflect on what truly matters. This includes the roles we play, how they make us feel and noticing the impact they have on us if we don’t mind ourselves or are constantly looking after everyone else except ourselves.


When we have checked in with ourselves, raised our awareness around the roles we play in our lives. You can become aware when the roles are having a positive impact or a negative impact, you can start to become aware of your triggers and when you need to implement your boundaries and being comfortable saying “no” in order for you to rest and recharge.


So, what roles do you play in your life? Where are you on your priority list?


If you feel as if you are last on your own list, overwhelmed and nearing exhaustion and want to change something ……..get in contact or checkout how to work with me here or book your complimentary call here. 



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