Have You Lost Your Motivation ?

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Have You hit a wall and lost your motivation. You have lots for doing right now but just can’t seem to find the motivation to do it. Or worse when you are doing things your passion or joy is gone and it’s beginning to feel like a chore? Has procrastination become your comforter right now? Is it easier to do the cleaning around the house than actually sit in front of computer screen?

Don’t worry you are not alone. From talking to friends, clients and networks, lack of motivation is common right now. Understandably too as we are all on the Covid Rollercoaster for way too long and the end doesn’t seem in sight just yet. We are dealing with a lot of uncertainty, the constant leaks and disjointed messaging from the government compared to the first lockdown has drained our batteries.

Then to top it off we had the USA elections and Brexit with no let up of any good news. We can’t even be sure we can celebrate Christmas with family so we are just worn out from the rollercoaster of emotions. I hear you, I recently just wanted to be able to go out for meal and drinks with friends and dance the night away and forget about all worries for awhile but with all restrictions you can’t even have a cuppa in their homes never mind anything else.

But instead of beating ourselves up about how we are feeling right now. The key is to process it in a healthy manner and ensure we don’t get stuck in this emotional state for too long. The research shows that we need to take regular breaks to increase our productivity and well-being and ditch the overwhelm.

But a lot of people are finding it hard to switch off or not to feel guilty about taking breaks. So we are caught up on this vicious cycle which is constantly draining our reserves. So how can you recharge your battery even amid all that is going on? How can you build up a reserve to ensure you always are keeping something in the tank for yourself?

Here are a few tips that work can help your motivation:

  • Acknowledge what is going on right now and what is draining you.(Then you can begin to address it!)
  • Minimise time on news and social media (Unless the content is uplifting).
  • Exercise and get outdoors for 30mins each day, break into 10min breaks if easier.
  • Gratitude for the simple pleasures in your life, fear can’t exist if focusing on gratiude.
  • Prayer and meditation that the world heals and things become reordered and balanced.
  • Turn up the Tunes – music can improve our mood instantly so play it high and dance – see how soon you will have a smile on your face.
  • Focus on what is within your control Worrying about things outside of our control will always lead to the battery being in red.
  • Prioritize – What are your top 3 tasks in each area of work, home, relationships that are crucial to you each day? Then schedule them – this takes away trying to remember everything and prevents decision fatigue and helps us feel a sense of accomplishment as we get things done. Also by focusing on our biggest priority first, it generally energises us for the rest of the day so “Eat That Frog”.
  • Don’t be all work and no play – Life is serious enough right now – so schedule more fun throughout your week. Whether that is a comedian’s video on your break, a good uplifting movie, date nights, adventures go explore your local area, take away with good company, share jokes with friends etc.

Hope this is of use to you right now and get some motivation going again. If you want to reach out and discuss more or share your comments as to what is helping you right now, please do. The world needs your precious and unique joy more than ever so let it shine through and you never know who’s world you will make a difference in.



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