Are the Roles you Playing Overwhelming you Right Now?

Recently when working with a client and empowering them to ditch the overwhelm. We got talking about overwhelm and what can sometimes to cause us feel so exhausted. This led to a conversation around the roles we play in our lives especially the unwritten expectations attached/ perception around these roles. I counted recently how many roles I had myself in one day, I had at least 10!!   Ten different roles to play throughout one day. So, I done one of the exercises I do with my clients and reflected on the roles and the unwritten expectations that I carry

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Is it Time You Hit the Reset Button?

The end of this week marks a year of lockdowns in Ireland. For many of us we did not believe we still would be in this position a year later. Is it time we hit the reset button, as the old way of life that was pre-covid is not returning in the near future, so we have to adapt to the new ways and check in with ourselves as to what is working for us and what isn’t working right now? After a year of surviving a pandemic are you feeling calm and taking it day by day or are

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Where Are Your Values In Your Life?

We are all born with our own unique blueprint and journey of life, It is our values that help guide us and align us with who we are destined to be. Our values are our inner GPS, helping us discover our passions and purpose but never losing who we truly are.   They are crucial in empowering you to discover the Key to You and unlocking your potential to thrive. Yet most people don’t know their values and just conform to what society tells them they should.   2020 has shaken us up from inside out and turned us on

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Have You Lost Your Motivation ?

Have You hit a wall and lost your motivation. You have lots for doing right now but just can’t seem to find the motivation to do it. Or worse when you are doing things your passion or joy is gone and it’s beginning to feel like a chore? Has procrastination become your comforter right now? Is it easier to do the cleaning around the house than actually sit in front of computer screen? Don’t worry you are not alone. From talking to friends, clients and networks, lack of motivation is common right now. Understandably too as we are all on

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The Importance of Commitment to Yourself

With Covid-19 and all the uncertainty it brought, I let some of my good habits slip by. But I know I am not the only one as it has happened both friends and clients. I could feel it catching up on me and my well-being. I was also conscious that autumn and winter were approaching fast. If I didn’t intervene soon, I would regret it come the end of the year. Walking and getting outdoors is one of my go to stress management tools. It is my number one physical activity and also a social outlet. But the good habit

Coping with lockdown during a pandemic

Coping During Lockdown in a Pandemic

Hard to believe we are already into May in 2020. Life right now is certainly looking a hell of a lot different than many of us envisaged that’s for sure. So how are you really doing as we now settle into 8 weeks of lockdown in a pandemic and the restrictions being slowly lifted? I can see a lot of clients and people are on emotional rollercoasters where majority of time they are ok, coping as best as possible and then wham out of no where they are getting stressed, anxious and over whelmed. Even myself, I found some of

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Why Do I Feel like Everyone Else’s Life is Better than Mine?

Are you at a stage in your life where you feel that everybody else is moving on with their lives but you feel like you are stuck in a rut and going nowhere fast? Are you questioning yourself as to when will it happen for you or thinking that you have missed the boat? Did you think by this age, that you would have been further ahead by now? These are common questions for women who thought by now that they would have found their perfect partner, buying their own house and settling down. Yet in reality that doesn’t look

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Remember Happiness is an Inside Job

As a coach, happiness is an integral part of the work I do with my clients. Happiness is defined as “the experiences of joy, contentment or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one’s life is good, meaningful and worthwhile.” (Lyubomirsky, 2007). This definition is the one that resonates with me when think of happiness and what it means for me. It describes the uplifting emotions we can feel, while also including the importance that we have a sense of meaning or purpose which makes our lives worthwhile. We still can have this overall feeling of happiness which helps us

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When You Walk Slow, Good Things Happen!!

This was one of the many quotes that came up during my recent trip where I completed 170kms walking stage 1 of the Camino France with a friend. This quote really helped summarise this trip and how in such a short space of time there was so much learning, growth and connecting with people which totally recharged and re-energised me. I decided to share my top 5 insights along the way which you may find useful. 1. Time out in Nature is Crucial Taking time out for yourself, checking in to see where you are and where you are heading

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What Does Your Current Path Look Like?

In our lives we all have our own path. Each of our paths are different and depending on our current circumstances will impact how we would describe the weather and scenery on our current path. We all can relate to this, where things are going grand on our path and then out of nowhere trouble is brewing and we find ourselves caught up in a storm yet we have to keep walking the path. Or the opposite where we are coming out through the storm and we can see the sun shining and the path now looks easier to face. Sometimes our